Trekking inLadakh

Trekking in Ladakh

                         Ladakh, the region of mountain passes, a piece of broken moon land is a wonderful place to witness the supreme beauty of nature. Ladakh is the highest plateau of the Indian state of Kashmir with much of it being over 3,000m. It situated between 32 to 36 degree north latitude and 75 to 80 degree east longitude. The total region of 45110sq km makes Ladakh the biggest district in India. Ladakh area is bifurcated in Leh districts and Kargil. Kargil lies at a height of 2750m and Leh at 3505m. The main town in Ladakh is Leh.

Ladakh is famous for its remote mountain attraction and culture. It spans the Great Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges and the upper Indus River Valley. The district bordered Pakistan occupied Kashmir in the west and China in the north and Eastern part and Lahul Spiti of Himachal Pradesh in the South east. Ladakh’s ethnic composition consisted of Mongoloid and a mixed Indo-Aryan population of Mons and Dards. It is sometimes called little Tibet due to strong cultural and geographical similarities with Tibet. The approach to Ladakh is invariably marked with many long walls running 2-3 kms, decorated with engraved stones bearing the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hun” and Chortens which symbolizes Buddha’s mind.


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