Trekking Adventure in Tamil Nadu

Trekking Adventure in Tamil Nadu

Trekking in Tamil Nadu – New Definition For adventure

Adventure in Tamil Nadu has started gathering pace as the Govt. of          Tamil Nadu has realized the potential hidden in this sector of tourism          and has increased the infrastructure and speed in its promotion. And          now adventure tourism has become the most attractive part of a tour to          Tamil Nadu. Activities like trekking, hiking and cycling are few of          the things that by indulging in, you can experience the most          refreshing and rejuvenating feeling.

Ooty – The Nature’s Trail

Ooty is the most beautiful and popular hill station of south India.          The hill station is located in the Nilgiri hills at 2286 m above sea          level and offers several trek routes that vary in distances, altitude          and terrain. There is a base camp at Parsons valley which is a perfect          spot to start your trekking tour. The major trekking paths in Ooty          which are apt for learners as well as for seasoned trekkers are…..

Ooty – Parsons Valley – Mukkurthi Lake – Pandiar hills – Pykara          falls – Madumalai Sanctuary

These treks have develop as a perfect trek as well as a          scintillating nature walk. You will require around 4 hrs to complete          this trek. A fairly simple trek which takes you around the artificial          Mukkurthi lake situated on Mukkurti peak and through the pine trees of          Pandiar hills. Spot rare species of animal like the lion tailed          Macaque and Nilgiri Langurs while you cross through the Madumalai          sanctuary. Although the trek is not very hard, it is advisable that          you still carry all your trekking gear along with you.

Parsons Valley – Mukkurthi Lake – Western catchment Bangitappal          – Upper Bhavani

A steep climb awaits you during this trek which you can complete in          around 3 hrs. This few kilometer walk offers you amazing scenery and          picturesque views of the Nilgiris.

Kodaikanal – High In Kodaikanal

Set among the gently sloping Palani hills, Kodaikanal is a          magnificent summer retreat and an ecological paradise of Tamil Nadu.          Kodaikanal offers few of the most ideal sites for trekking,          hang-gliding, angling and golf. About a kilometer from the lake, visit          the famous Coaker’s walk and just limber around the area that offers          the most picturesque visuals of the plains. There are lot of view          points as well like the Dolphin’s nose which is located 2000 m above           sea level and to gaze down from this rock calls for steel nerves. Few          of the treks that have become famous among the trekkers is.

Kodaikanal – Dolphin’s Nose – Vallagavi – Kumabakkarai (8km)

You can cover this trek in around 6 hrs. This is considered to be          tough because of the sudden steep climbs and sudden drops. Trekker who          are physically strong will find it easier.

Kodai – Thopi Thooki Parai – Periyur – Periyakulam (19 Km)

You will find this track to be fairly simple and that will take          around 5 to 6hrs to cover. During the trek, you will come across the          beautiful coffee plantation Guar which is your your time spend on this          adventurous trek.

Elagiri Hills – Heights of Wonders

Located some 25 km from Jolarpet Junction,this small hill range is          situated on the Chennai-Coimbatore rail track. For rookie trekkers, a          trek from Elagiri hills to Jalagambarai water falls, takes only a          couple of hours and proves to be very entertaining and a good learning          curve. For the more experienced counterparts, a trek route to          Jalagambarai through villages and through the forests to reach the          peak is absolutely challenging. Elagiri hills are a part of Javvad          Hills of eastern ghats. By trekking, one can reach the southern part          of the Javvad Hills & reach Polur, a taluk headquarters, which is          about 30 km from temple town Thiruvannamalai. This steep road also          leads to Kavalur, where an old but operational Astronomical          observatory is situated.

Annamalai Hills – Close to Clouds

Annamalai Hills are literally a heaven for Nature and wildlife          lovers. Situated at an altitude of 740 m above sea level, these hills          are perfect for any tourist who is a tyro in trekking and wishes to          start. Few that are real fun the trekkers are.

Monkey Fall Trek (5 km)

It is a trek which starts as a gentle slope but becomes a steep          slope till the time it is over. This trek takes around 3 hrs to be          covered. You will see the nature at its best when you climb through          the deciduous forest at the foot hills to the barren rocks on the top          in between which you will see a vast stretch of evergreen forest.

Varagaliar – Kurampalliar and Varagaliar Shola – Perumkundru          Malai and Return(14 km)

This is a challenge even for the experienced legs as the climb is          extremely steep as from 600m it shoots up to 1700 m. So naturally it          takes a longer time of around 7 hrs. Definitely the climb will be          physically demanding but it won’t be tiring as you will have the          company of amazing and rare species like the lion tailed Macaque and          Nilgiri langur that reside here and are found in good numbers.

Akkamalai – Thanakkamlai – Konnalur Fishing Hut – Akkamalai(30          km)

This trek start from a pretty high altitude of 1500 m and climbs          till 2513 m. This is uphill for the first 10 km and the rest is          downhill. The trek generally is of 7 hrs in which you will cross          through the tropical rain forest. You will also come across herds of          Nilgiri Tahr grazing,a sight which takes away all your tiredness.

Beach Walks – Sea Front Fantasy

Chennai might not be famous as an adventure spot but one thing that          you can enjoy here is a leisurely walk beside the gorgeous Bay of          Bengal on the Marina Beach. This is the most famous beach of south           India and is also the second longest sandy beach in the world. Other          beaches in Tamil Nadu that you can visit for a splendid beach walk are          the Covelong beach, Mahabalipuram Beach, and the famous Kanyakumari          Beach.

Temple Walks – Through the Historical Ages

We can safely say that Tamil Nadu is most famous among the tourists          for its incredible number of temples that are spread throughout the          the state. Its not only the number of temples that astonishes the          visitors, but their exceptional architectural beauty is something that          captures even the wildest imaginations of the travelers. A walk inside          and around these temples can be the most mesmerizing experience you          will have from your tour to south India. The main temples that you          just cannot miss are Meenakshi temple, Ekambareswarar Temple,          Brihadiswarar temple and Sri Ranganathaswamy temple which is the          largest temple in the entire country.


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