Trekking is an adventure of walking in mountains.Its living with nature.We come across rivers,meadows,bamboo forst,pine forest,trees,flowers,birds,animals which keeps us closer to nature.

I have been trekking for 25 years now and have been in himalayas,nilgris,agasthya,himachal,uttaranjal,utt arakand,nepal and lakakh and many more treks.

It has been a fantastic experience living with the nature.The most important part of trek is the adabtablity of body to nature changes in form of rains,snowfall,hailstorm,severe wind,very hot conditions etc.Some treks are conducted at high altitude which are very tough where oxygen level is very low.

India is place full of natural mountains and there are lot of places to trek in himalayas,nilgirs,pothigai,annamalai hills,parts ofpalakad,coorg areas,sayadris,mahrashtra,etc.

To me trekking is a spiritual journey.Its a direct communication with the almighy or god or nature.I learn a lot by going to trek.It takes minumum 2 months to prepare for a trek mentally and physically.Normally in trek the climate is changing often and we need to face tough times also.For a trek a tough mind to face any situation is always necessary.There is always a risk ,but as we learn to be possitive we go ahead.

Another important aspect i learned from trek is self descipline in terms of time,food,clothing etc.In every trek there is always a peak or some pass to be reached.Reaching a peak give us an objective and a goal to be reached.So we mentally get prepared to reach the goal which gives a lot of confidence in our life.

Above all i feel i was able to get wonderful friends in trek.For me freinds are great in life.Friends have been encouraging me a lot in my life

We have international trekking exposure in nepal where we get international trekking expereince.Treks are conducted by yhai,private organisers and its conduced in mostly in may -september depending upon the climatic conditions.

Hope many trekkers share their experiences and share their pics through their posts.
treknaren’s photos and albums on webshots


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